The Keto Flu, what is it?

The Keto Flu, what is it?

You may have heard of the Keto flu this comes around once you have started your keto diet and your body is adjusting to the new diet, it is the transition period from when your body is using a different energy source from sugars to fats.

What are the symptoms of the keto flu?

You will feel fatigue, headache and have difficulty focusing which people call brain fog. You will also feel a lack of motivation and lightheaded, and YES you will have sugar cravings. Some people also witness nausea and muscle cramps.

How long can these symptoms last?

Generally, they last for the first couple of weeks while you start your keto diet and just remember that it is temporary, and you will start to feel fine as your body adjusts. From one of my previous post I spoke about the benefits and another benefit is that you will also have more energy so from compared to when you started.

What you can do reduce or cure the keto flu?

Make sure you keep your water intake high this is always going to help, but if you are feeling really bad add ½ teaspoon of salt to the water as this will help alleviate flu symptoms in no time 😊. Another way to ensure you aren’t feeling bad is keep your keto food intake higher than usual, keep consuming the good fats to provide the body the energy it needs to fight off these symptoms. We must compensate for the lack of carbs so therefore the fat intake must increase and let the body understand the new balance.


The Keto flu is the body going through a transition and is adapting to working off it’s new energy source the fats. The lack of carbs means you must increase your fats this will help reduce any side effects early on in this diet. And remember to drink plenty of water.