The Better Way Diet

It all started when the doctor gave me the wake up call that I needed to make an adjustments to my diet otherwise it was a matter of time I would incur heart issues. 

Only at the age of 32, working out 4 times a week and being relatively slim I thought I was doing alright, but not caring for what was going into my body I could see it wasn't doing me any good inside, so I set out to change my diet and find out what I was eating and the impact it was having on my body. 

While researching and speaking with friends and family I came to find out many others want to know what to be eating because we know some things aren't good for us and some things are good for us, but with all the noise and scientific jargon people got lost and that is where peoples interest stopped!

My Mission is to bring you the information you need to know and explained in a easy to digest fashion. I want to find out about different diets, the food groups we need to jump and the foods that can heal and repair. 

Join me on this journey to eat great food and feel better for it, its not a diet its a better way of life!